Yamaha FZ6 or Yamaha FZ8?

Which would you prefer?

Yamaha is a great motorbike manufacturer and has given riders everywhere some strong favourites. They’re incredibly reliable, well-built and sturdy machines that will take most things a rider could throw at them. There’s also a good range of designs, so you can usually get the type of bike you want, and they’re competitively priced on the market. The reliability gives them a great second-hand market, you won’t be paying too much for the bike you want, either.

Despite some big names and tougher competition each year, Yamaha is still one of the go-to brands for bikers around the world, that tells you what you need to know about them as a bike manufacturer.

In this article, we’re going to compare the FZ6 and the FZ8.

The FZ6

Many people are fans of the Yamaha FZ6, it’s a good all-round bike and is a lot of fun for a 600cc engine. The seat height is mid-range and reportedly very comfortable even for longer journeys. The riding position helps with this as it gets the rider into a comfortable and sustainable style. The mid-height of the seat might not be as high as you want to see over traffic jams, but the bike’s nippy riding style and manoeuvrability make it good for traffic commutes.

Unassuming and simple, you wouldn’t expect to get much oomph out of this ride, but the power is there when you need it, and this bike can really go. It’s not going to be the fastest out there by any means, but it will get you out of tough spots and get your heart pounding on those winding roads.

This bike ended in 2009, mostly to be replaced by the FZ8 – but there’s still a solid second-hand market for this ride, and with the Yamaha reliability, you’re bound to find the bike you want.

The FZ8

The FZ8 can be thought of as the upgraded version of the FZ6. Many bikers still have a solid soft spot for the FZ6, but the FZ8 has a bigger engine (779cc) and various other upgrades that have improved the overall performance.

The FZ6 was a great beginner bike for those after just passing their tests, and thankfully the FZ8 is still a good option. It’s not as intimidating as the larger FZ1, so anybody could jump on this and have a good ride. With the bigger engine comes a bigger price tag. But again, the second-hand market is solid for this bike, so you should be able to get a bike at the right price if you hunt.

The seat height is a bit higher at 815mm, but the bike is still rated as a comfortable ride for commuting and long distance. Riders report that the seat and riding position is still very comfortable without pressure or strain put on your back and notably, the bike feels light on your wrists, so you don’t need to worry about strain there either if you’re weaving through the traffic of a morning.

And don’t worry, the power is still there; that spurt of energy when the road opens and you can just ride is still yours with the FZ8. Again, to be expected with the bigger engine, but sometimes with the engine upgrades and the extra weight of a bike, some of the fun can disappear, even if it’s more powerful. This bike manages to keep the fun of the FZ6.

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