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The Racing Legacy of Suzuki

Suzuki machines are well-known in the world of motorbike racing. In 1962, Suzuki captured the imagination of many by winning the prestigious Isle of Man TT in the 50cc class, one of the oldest and most challenging races around – and they just kept on winning. They have entered Motocross, road racing, and superbike events and triumphed across the board.

Grand Prix Motorcycle Racing

In 1976, Barry Sheene secured Suzuki’s first 500cc World Championship, having only started entering in the 1970s. Barry Sheene was a driving factor in Suzuki’s rise to stardom – his success and charisma helped to popularise the brand and bring it to the public attention.


In the MotoGP era with races featuring four-stroke engines, Suzuki entered in 2015 with the GSX-RR. After a consistent, highly competitive performance and proven reliability, Suzuki won the MotoGP World Championship with Joan Mir in 2020.


Suzuki has been a dominant force in many off-road and Motocross championships. Riders have won many titles on Suzuki motorbikes, including Ricky Carmichael, who is thought to be one of the best Motocross riders ever.


One of the reasons Suzuki has gained a fantastic reputation in competitions is its devotion to continuous technological improvement. They have pushed boundaries to develop bikes that are fast, nimble, and powerful but also solidly reliable and, most importantly, safe.

In the 1960s, Suzuki focused on two-stroke engines, leading to the creation of the T20 (X6 Hustler), one of the fastest 250cc bikes at the time. Many years later, the GSX-R series introduced advanced cooling systems and engine management technology, which helps the bikes deliver superior performance. At the moment, the GSX-R series is demonstrating its unique abilities and reliability across the board in a number of motorbike championships.

In 1985, the GSX-R&50 had a twin-spar aluminium frame, which meant it was rigid but lightweight. This design revolutionised the standard for agility and handling from sports bikes. Since then, manufacturers across the board have strived to produce a powerful bike that can respond on a pin to its rider’s needs.

Driving innovation has pushed Suzuki to be a consistent front-runner and is likely to be a reason they’re talked about for years to come.

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