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A motorcycle brand which transcends the ages. Harley-Davidson.

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We are Harley-Davidson buyers. When you come to the best bike buyer around, you don’t need to worry about wasting your time. We buy any bike and pay special attention to all the modifications and alterations you might have used over the years. When putting up ads saying ‘selling my Harley-Davidson, ’ you might have people only pay attention to the model of your motorbike – when you come to us and say buy my Harley-Davidson, we’ll take the time to carefully assess your bike and treat it as an individual. You’ve cared for this bike for years, and we respect that.

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Harley-Davidson – An Icon

Harley-Davidson bikes have solidly taken a place in pop culture around the world. They’re not just a manufacturer anymore, they’re an icon. Here are just a few places they pop up.

Film and TV

The 1969 classic film ‘Easy Rider’ is perhaps the standout role for a Harley – the film encompassed the counterculture movement and the spirit of the open road. Harley-Davidson bikes took centre stage and became the symbol of rebellion against conformity in the minds of many.

More recently, ‘Sons of Anarchy’ became a hit series, and again, Harley-Davidson bikes were central to the show. They took the symbol of freedom and living to a different set of rules but also reinforced the idea that many have, which is that motorbikes represent a way of life, not just a way to travel.


The Harley-Davidson logo is instantly recognisable and has resulted in the brand almost separating from the bikes. T-shirts, jackets, and jewellery with the logo have been embraced by people who might not even own a Harley. Many use it as a way to express their individuality and are encouraged to copy celebrities or fashion icons who use it in the same way.

As Harley-Davidson is so synonymous with freedom, spirit, and individuality, it’s probably no surprise that they have been incorporated into many tattoo designs. Again, this is partly from fans of the brand who want to commit to their Harley-Davidson way of life and others who treat it as a symbol of spirit and liberty.

The chance to own a Harley-Davidson is a dream for many, and whether you’re planning to sell your bike to change your model or switch to a manufacturer who might be able to give you something a Harley can’t, we can help.

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