How Can I Sell My Suzuki Motorcycle Quickly?

Everyone wants a quick sale when they’re looking to sell their motorbike. You want to get the most value you can, buy your next bike, and get back on the road quickly. We get it!

That’s why we buy any bike and focus on turning around the sale as quickly as possible. If you’re looking for Suzuki buyers, head to us first rather than being one of the many ‘selling my Suzuki’ Facebook ads. Not only are we quick, but you won’t have to fuss around with multiple buyers at once, constantly going to take more pictures and answer the same questions repeatedly.

Give us a call today, we don’t send automated quotes, we are real humans who want to give you a real evaluation.

With, we will give you a fair quote for your bike instantly and arrange the perfect time to collect. We then transfer the money upon collection.

How Can I Sell My Motorbike Quickly?

Keep these points in mind when selling your Suzuki motorbike.


Suzuki’s are known for being durable, long-lasting machines, meaning their secondhand market is thriving. Higher mileage is unlikely to deter potential buyers; naturally, it will result in a slightly lower price compared to the same vehicle with low mileage; however, as everyone knows Suzuki’s just keep going, so high mileage is somewhat expected. Before you plaster the ‘sell my bike’ adverts everywhere, you must ensure that the engine and mechanics meet expectations and price your bike fairly. It’s no good demanding a high price for a motorcycle that needs engine work when your buyer could find a better bike in the next advert.


You should try to make sure that your bike shines for any photos you need to take and any potential buyers. Suzuki’s generally have sleek finishes and eye-catching looks, so you’ll want that to stand out to your buyer. Make sure your buyer can ride it away if they want to as well – the tyres should be road legal and fix any problems like broken lights or mirrors before trying to sell!


You will be asked for every single document relating to your bike – service records, log books, and buying records. Get it together now and save any delays in the future.

Are Suzuki’s Sought After?

As mentioned above, the durability of Suzuki motorbikes means that buying them secondhand is common. They also have a great range of models and styles, so if you’re looking for a bike with a bit of muscle or need a more lightweight motorbike for your size, there will be something out there that suits you.

They generally have great rideability – being comfortable on most terrain and for longer journeys; they also have a high-capacity clutch, so they are less likely to let you down in traffic conditions. Seat adjustability isn’t standard, so you might find certain models are more ergonomic for you than others.

Suzuki has even increased its UK registrations lately – showing that buyers in the UK are seeking out this brand for all types of vehicles so the demand is there for your motorbike.

Contact our friendly team today if you want to sell your bike quickly with no fuss. We will buy your Suzuki, turn the transaction around swiftly and get you back on the road on your new bike in short order – whether that’s a new Suzuki or something different.

As Stuart McCluskey recently said on Trustpilot:

“I accepted the offer made for my bike. Craig explained the process for collection and arranged an appropriate day for me. Ben rang the night before to confirm the collection window and then messaged on the day to make me aware that he had been delayed.

When he arrived, pleasant and efficient. Money deposited, paperwork completed and job done. A very efficient service all round, no pushy chasing. The service worked for me.”

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