Suzuki GSX-S750 – Pros & Cons.

The Suzuki GSX-S750 was released in 2015 and replaced the GS R750. Suzuki wanted to take the established heritage of the GSX line and make it a competitive middleweight roadster. Currently, the GSX-S750 is still in production. We’re going to have a closer look at some of its main points in this article.


Engine: 749cc, four-stroke liquid-cooled inline-four

Style: Naked

Fuel capacity: 16 litres

Seat height: 820mm

Bike weight: 213kg

Others: Inverted fork suspension; ABS as standard on some models; radial brakes, 3-stage traction control; LCD screen.

Colours: Metallic Triton Blue; Glass Sparkle Black; Pearl Mire Red, and Metallic Matt Black


The GSX-S750 is altogether a better machine than the GSR750 it replaced. It works well for what it is designed for and is a stable and predictable bike to ride. If you are considering using it for a commuting bike, you will be pleased that its slim size makes it easy to wind through traffic. The low seat and solid weight also make it easy to manoeuvre as you need. Naked rides tend not to be the most comfortable, but this bike should be fine for longer rides – you could put it in a tourer category; it won’t be the best, but it certainly won’t be one of the worst.

The Suzuki GSX-S750 has a lot of go but feels solid and secure with it – much more user-friendly than the larger GSX-S1000. It also has good fuel efficiency, so although the tank isn’t huge, you’ll be able to get a long way before needing to refuel. Suzuki has paid attention to previous problem points on the GSX series (and others), and the finish on the S750 is high quality, much more in keeping with the image they wish to project. Suzuki has also paid more attention to corrosion-prone areas and put on more and tougher coverage.


The suspension on the bike is not fully adjustable, it has been set up well for a road bike, but the odd large pothole might give you a harsher ride. If you regularly ride on roads that aren’t well surfaced, you’ll want to look at another bike.

As mentioned above, this bike would do well as a commuter bike. However, if you want to ride it daily through towns, you will find the clutch could be a bit lighter – it’s a bit stiff and tiring on your fingers after a tricky journey, particularly compared to some other commuter bikes.

We have said that Suzuki has paid attention to corrosion-prone areas for the bike’s finish, but it is possibly still not enough. After a year, you will see wear and tear on this bike, and if you are a bit neglectful in your cleaning, you’ll likely see corrosion signs too.

Overall though, the main drawback of this bike is probably personal to the rider. It’s a good solid bike which goes and breaks well and is known to be reliable; many people enjoy riding it, and it’s certainly a big improvement from its predecessor. However, it doesn’t have the wow factor that many people are looking for. The price is not much lower than its rivals, who can boast fully adjustable suspension or superior technology. In such a competitive market, a bike needs that excitement to stand out, and it’s unlikely this one will deliver.

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