What Documents Do I Need To Sell My Motorbike?

Selling a motorcycle doesn’t need to be stressful. Below is a guide to all the paperwork that you may need to sell your bike and why you need it.

Logbook or V5C

The most important document to have when selling your bike is the logbook, also known as the V5C. This is how the DVLA knows who the legal owner of the bike is. When you sell your motorbike, you will need to fill in the relevant part of your logbook stating you are no longer the registered owner and then fill in the new owner’s details.

When selling privately:

  • Complete section 6 and sign section 8 of the logbook.
  • The buyer completes section 8 and is given section 2.
  • The rest of the book is sent to the DVLA.

When selling through a trader:

  • If you sell your motorcycle to SellYourBikeToday.com we will explain what’s needed and take care of 99% of the paperwork for you.

Service and MOT History

It is not compulsory to have these documents when you sell your motorbike, but it’s generally a good idea to have them. They prove that you have looked after your bike and flagged any issues to the buyer before purchase. You will generally get a better price for your bike if you have them – buyers are likely to think you are trying to hide a problem with your ride if you don’t have it handy. It’s good practice to keep any documents related to repairs and modification work to show you’ve had it all done professionally. Again, if you don’t have this, it’s not the end of the world, but you might have to settle for a lower price.

Owner’s Manual

Again, this is not compulsory to sell your bike. However, it’s a good thing to be able to pass on to your buyer. It will have relevant manufacturer instructions and maintenance details. If you’re selling privately, it will give the buyer a good impression of you – that you’ve kept hold of the manufacturer’s guidance to refer back to.

Finance Settlement

This is only applicable if you have outstanding finance on your motorbike. You will need to contact your lender or finance company and ask for a letter with your settlement figure and an expiration date. If you are going through a trading company, then generally, you can hand this over. They will pay the finance company, and the amount will be included in your agreed-upon price. If you are selling privately, you will need to pay off the remaining amount before you can sell your bike – it is illegal to sell a bike with finance outstanding on it.


It’s always useful to have at least one form of ID handy – buyers can compare the details to those in the logbook and it just provides a bit more reassurance. When dealing with a trading company, you’re likely to need two forms of ID.

Side Note:

Don’t forget to cancel your insurance or switch it to your new motorbike as quickly as you can.

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