Best High-Performance Tourers of All Time

These days, motorbikes are better than ever for long journeys – they have better comfort, better fuel efficiency, more gadgets, and much more. However, if you’re planning on regularly riding all day, the best bike will still be a tourer. These incredible bikes are specialised for the job at hand – and exactly what you need. Technology has never been better, so read on for some of the best tourers of all time around at the moment.

1. Yamaha FJR1300ES

When it comes to specialised touring bikes, Yamaha has it covered. The FJR1300ES is incredibly fast for such a comfortable tourer and surprisingly agile in the corners. The ‘ES’ part of the name is the electronic suspension, which addresses previous problems with soft springs. As standard, it comes with copious amounts of luggage space, a phone charging outlet, heated grips, and pretty much anything you might want on a longer journey for your comfort.

  • Power: 130 hp
  • Weight: 264kg
  • Fuel Tank: 25L
  • Price: £17,099

2. KTM 1290 Super Duke GT

Released in 2014, the Super Duke GT has become one of the most popular touring bikes, and it has had a wonderful 2024 upgrade. It’s surprisingly versatile, with four optional riding modes: rain, street, sport, and track. This makes it flexible enough that many people are happy to have it as their main bike, even if they need a non-tourer occasionally. KTM raised the handlebars for the GT and increased the size of the fuel tank. Combine the extensive gadgets and extremely comfortable riding position, and it’s no surprise it’s a solid favourite.

  • Power: 175 hp
  • Weight: 209kg
  • Fuel Tank: 23L
  • Price: £18,999

3. BMW K1600GTL

When the first model was released in 2011, this bike won the ‘Best Touring Motorcycle of the Year’ award, and the line has only gone from strength to strength. This powerful tourer will eat the miles without you really noticing. It’s comfortable to ride, as you would expect, but BMW also puts a lot of thought into the safety of the bike and the systems you’ll need while riding. It has less as standard than some of the other machines on this list, but there are many optional accessories and packages – meaning you can tailor this bike to exactly suit you and your riding needs.

  • Power: 160 hp
  • Weight: 358kg
  • Fuel Tank: 26.5L
  • Price: £21,920

4. Ducati Multistrada V4RS

This bike was released in 2020 and comes from a long line of beloved Multistrada bikes. It’s thought of by many as a mash between two favourite lines from Ducati – the Multistrada and Panigale. The Panigale engine’s supremacy brings incredible power to this touring machine. Ducati has also tweaked the engine, making it better at acceleration and overtaking, so you have the flexibility and power you need to make your way through traffic. It has an adjustable seat height, blind spot detection, cornering ABS, and more – so it maintains comfort and safety as you go. It is, however, very expensive.

  • Power: 180 hp
  • Weight: 225kg
  • Fuel Tank: 22L
  • Price: £30,695

5. BMW M1000XR

Another BMW on this list, the M 1000 XR is one of the lightest touring bikes around, making it fast and powerful. It still has the touring basics, like cruise control, heated grips, and an adjustable steering damper to ensure your body doesn’t get tired and worn out by the travel, but this bike definitely bridges the gap between a sports bike and a tourer.

  • Power: 201 hp
  • Weight: 220kg
  • Fuel Tank: 20L
  • Price: £22,580

So there you have some of the top touring bikes of all time. Whether you want something with power, a bike that will easily eat up the miles or a firm favourite that will give you a bit of fun, one of these bikes is sure to appeal to you. Remember when choosing your touring bike that you’ll want gadgets to help on the long miles, plenty of room for luggage and, above all else, something that you personally find comfortable.


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