Increase The Value of Your Motorbike

increase the value of your bike

When thinking about buying a motorbike, most people try to sell their old one to cover at least some of the cost. Often, the more you sell it for, the better bike you can buy! So you want to make sure that you get the best price possible for your bike and increase its selling potential as much as you can!

With this in mind, here are our top tips for increasing your motorbike’s value.

Get it Checked Over

When you own a motorbike, you should be getting it serviced regularly. This will keep everything running in as perfect condition as possible. Being able to produce a long and full service history of your bike will impress buyers. Even if something has gone wrong in the past, they can see that it’s been corrected and whether the fault has occurred again. To get the top price for your bike, get a full service before attempting to sell it. If you can, get an MOT done, too – people like to know that there’s a long time before they’ll need to pay out for one. Remember to keep receipts and paperwork of everything, too!

Parts to Replace

If you want to get the most value out of your motorcycle, consider replacing these parts – whether you need to or not will depend on your bike.

Lights – Quick and easy to replace, so if you’ve got any that are a bit on the blink, just get new ones. A buyer will automatically turn on the lights to check them, and any small faults could give them a way to reduce the price.

Mirrors – Again, small scratches you’ve gotten used to could easily be a way to haggle money off. Plus, it might look as though you have gotten into an accident and have not disclosed it.

Battery – If your battery is getting old and sluggish, but your bike is in great condition, consider replacing it. Yes, it’s a bit more of an investment, but it could be worthwhile depending on the rest of the bike. Make sure that your engine gives the loud purr a buyer will want to hear as soon as they turn the ignition on.

Brakes – Being able to show off brand-new brakes will be a selling point of your motorbike, something that should increase its value a lot. They’re expensive and will make your bike stand out from the others that your buyer is considering. Just ensure you haven’t replaced them too often, or it might imply to the seller that something is wrong.

Tyres – When selling your motorbike, it’s often worth changing the tyres. If you’ve done them recently, never mind, but if they’re starting to look worn, definitely give it a go. They’re a visible indicator of the condition of the bike and a part that always draws attention. They will also make a difference to the feel of any test rides.

Cosmetic Improvements

Lastly, you could consider some cosmetic improvements to your bike to make it really look its best. Scratches, dents, and nicks all become a rich tapestry of your rides to you – but to someone else, they make the bike look a bit worn down.

Paintwork – To get your motorbike looking its best, consider respraying the bodywork or getting it wrapped to make it look as good as new again. Going to a professional shop, you can remove all the rust and leave with a sparkling bike.

Wheels – Don’t spend all the effort on respraying the bodywork or removing any patches of rust, only to leave the wheels untouched. Get them refurbished at the same time, or any buyer will immediately see the difference and wonder if you’re hiding something.

Detailing – Why not send your bike in for professional detailing? It will make all the best parts of your bike sing and pull those potential buyers in.

Why not ask a friend or fellow enthusiast to give your bike a once over – what they notice is what will stand out to a buyer, and that’s where you should invest your money to increase its value. Of course, when selling your motorbike, you will always be faced with problem buyers who haggle unreasonably or show up simply to have a joy ride on someone else’s bike. Instead, why not come to us to sell your bike? We buy any bike, and we consider all of the effort and love that has gone into looking after it when working out its value. As motorbike buyers, we know the ins and outs of your model and will give you the best price and get you back on the road as quickly as possible!

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