Why Upgrade from a 125cc Motorbike After Passing Your Test? 

Passing your motorcycle test is an achievement to be celebrated, and if you’re planning to spend a lot of time riding around the UK, you might be considering getting a new motorbike. There are some amazing benefits to upgrading from your 125cc bike, including practical and money-saving bonuses, so we’ve created a guide to this to discuss these and help you make the decision around switching.

You Can Ride Your Dream Bike

Perhaps the clearest benefit of upgrading from a 125cc motorbike after passing your test is that you’ll be riding your dream bike – you can take your time and choose the bike you’ve always dreamed of, meaning you’ll enjoy your riding experience a lot more. When picking your new bike, you can also be certain that it will suit your riding style and the types of terrain that you want to cross when going out on adventures.
More Power

Investing in a bigger bike just after you’ve passed your test also means that you can benefit from the extra power that will be produced through the engine, and this will give you a much more exciting riding experience. The higher the bike’s CC, the more air and fuel it can digest, which will in turn lead to a higher power output, so travelling on an upgraded bike is a great way to see the sights.

Easier to Commute

If you use, or plan to use, your bike to commute to work, then upgrading from a 125cc is a no-brainer. With higher torque, you can reach your target speed with much less throttle, which makes clearing other traffic on the road or overtaking a lot easier, and it can help when you’re stuck in a jam. A lot of higher-powered bikes also come with better fuel consumption, so the daily toll on your wallet should feel a little lighter!

Less Time Spent Stopping for Fuel

Thanks to the bigger engines of higher CC models, upgrading from a 125cc bike means that you’ll spend a lot less time stopping for fuel. As these bikes have bigger fuel tanks, you can make the most of each trip, and this is a great help if you’re looking to complete some of the UK’s best adventure motorbike routes – instead of planning your route based on fuel stations, you can focus on the best hotels and BnBs offered along the way. In turn, this will leave you feeling less stressed and able to relax and enjoy the view, rather than panic about the fuel light coming on any time soon!

Although upgrading from a 125cc does require you to be confident in your riding ability and able to cope with a higher-powered model, the benefits of this are vast. You can spend less time sitting in traffic and stopping for fuel and spend more time enjoying the best parts about riding a motorbike like sightseeing. What’s more, finally getting your dream bike will allow you to tick something off the bucket list and open up a whole world of opportunities for travel and adventure.