The Faithful Suzuki Bandit

Tried and tested since 1989, there’s a reason people keep going back to it year after year.

The two most popular Bandits are the 600cc and the 1200cc. Both models have a short wheelbase and relatively steep geometry, making them incredibly comfortable bikes, ideal for daily commuters or multi day adventures.

The Suzuki Bandit Backstory

To understand what makes the Suzuki Bandit such a crowd favourite, you have to go back to its release in 1989. While it was not the first budget middleweight bike on the market, it was the best. It was affordable, nice to look at, and its performance and handling were great to learn on (or learn your own boundaries). There is an entire generation of riders from the 1990’s that grew up on bandits or grew up dreaming about being about to ride the 1200cc version, which was released a year later.

The secret to the success of the Bandit was in part thanks to the fact it was a Frankenstein bike. Suzuki had used existing parts that had already had proven success and reworked them into a simple chassis with classic good looks. The electrics, wheels, brakes, and suspension came from the GSX-R, GSX-F or RF parts bins. The near bulletproof 600cc engine came from the underrated GSX600F. This mix of parts turned out to be a winning combination and allowed budget riders to get themselves a brand-new bike without breaking the bank.

The Suzuki Bandit Today

The last Suzuki Bandit to be released in the UK was in 2015. Technically speaking, the GSX1250 models are still Bandits, but the title has been dropped and phased out in quite a few markets around the world.

Whatever model of Suzuki Bandit you are looking at, it is important to remember that it is, and has always been, a bare-bones bike. The budget had to be cut in order to produce such an affordable bike, and it is not hard to see where the money has been saved. You are not going to get gleaming add-ons, carbon, or top of the line accessories when you buy a bandit.

So the question is, are Suzuki Bandits still worth it going into 2023?..

While it is true they are getting a bit long in the tooth compared to modern naked bikes. If you find yourself a goodie that has been taken care of and you don’t need all the bells and whistles of a modern bike, then you are going to find yourself very happy.

However if you’re moving on from your bike and looking to sell a Suzuki Bandit motorcycle, then talk to one of our experts today to get the process started. We already know how great these bikes are and will work with you to get what your bike is worth, without the hassle.

Are you selling a Suzuki Bandit?

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