BMW S1000RR – The Powerhouse

The BMW S1000RR learnt from a decade of predecessors to create an ultimate superbike. The first iteration of this bike came out in 2009, far out-classing its rivals in terms of 190+bhp raw power, impressive electronics, and agile handling. This model was refined further in 2012, 2015, and now we have the recent and complete overhaul with the 2019 BMW S1000 RR. A 2021 update meant it met Euro5, while a few tweaks were made in 2023 to improved the engine, brakes and electronics further still. 

The S1000RR is a high-powered sports bike that is built for track racing. The looks, style, electrics, and handling take the S1000RR further away from the previous models. This version has been rebuilt inside and outside; only the name is the same as the older versions. Overall this bike looks large, but it’s surprisingly light – BMW was able to cut 8 kg off the previous version. This helps with the stability and manoeuvrability of the ride. For such a powerhouse, it’s incredibly easy to ride and very forgiving – this makes it surprisingly unintimidating to take out on the roads while still letting you experience the thrill and the fun.

The riding position for this bike is quite tight, your legs are going to be tucked up. However, as the seat has a lot of room, it should still be suitable for taller people. The handlebars on this bike are also set nice and wide. This has the double effect of making the bike ridiculously easy to manoeuvre, but it also means that the rider’s weight isn’t thrown onto the wrists when riding.

There are two model types for this bike: standard and sport. Pay attention to the type you’re looking for, as there are some differences between the two. For instance, the rear suspension is adjustable on the standard model. The bike has four standard riding modes, but you can add more if you want. There are some nice features, too, such as a speed limiter for pit lanes and a feature that locks out certain dials if the bike is in track mode.

Thing’s we didn’t like? Firstly, it’s only available in two colours. Secondly, the untidy buttons and switches across the handlebars.

Takeaway Thoughts

Overall, riders report this bike has an even smoother ride than the 2015 version. The handling is amazing and has excellent balance, particularly noticeable when going at speed. As sports bikes go, the S1000RR is also quite comfortable. Normally the riding position on sports bikes takes a little while to get used to, but this feels comfortable immediately.

The bike is focused entirely on being a racing bike; it takes speed in its stride, leaving the rider confident whether they’re going 30 or 90. However, as it is comfortable and fun to ride, if you wanted this as your sole bike, you wouldn’t have any problems.

Sell Your BMW S1000RR

Of course, the fun thing about riding bikes is the range and variety of machines there are out there. If you want to sell your S1000RR to make room for the next stage of your riding career, then why not contact us.

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