6 Essential Motorbike Maintenance Tips

Motorbike maintenance is a very important part of staying safe on the road on your bike. From tyres to lights, here is everything you should be doing to your bike to keep it in the best road-worthy condition.


You need to regularly check your tyre tread and the air pressure. Consult your bike manual for what the correct pressure of your front and rear tyres should be. Having the correct pressure in your tyres will ensure your motorbike is performing at its best. Also inspect the tyre tread and look out for any bald spots or bubbles, both of which make your bike unsafe for riding.


Your bike chain can get rusty very quickly without consistent cleaning and lubricating. Make sure to lubricate your chain regularly with bike chain lubricating oil, probably after every ride during winter, to remove salt and protect it from moisture. It is also a good idea to lubricate other moving parts of your motorbike too, such as the pedals and throttle control. When looking at your bike chain, make sure that it is not too loose or too tight. Again, you can check your manual for what the fit should be like.


If you haven’t ridden your motorbike for a while, you are going to need to change the oil before you take it out for a ride again. This helps protect your engine and lengthen the life of your motorbike. You should also change the oil before winter too.

Brake Fluid & Coolant

As well as oil, it is also important to top up your bike’s brake fluid and coolant. These can sometimes leak if your bike is left standing for too long, so it is always advisable to check their levels as part of your motorbike maintenance. You can refill them, or flush out old fluids and replace them with new.

Cables & Lighting

It is important as part of your bike maintenance to do a visual inspection of the bike’s cables and lights. Keep an eye out for any loose or damaged cables. Make sure they are secure and not detached, which is when they could get damaged. Any worn cables you spot could lead to a sudden brake failure, or a failure of the clutch or lights, so make sure they are replaced immediately. Make sure all your light bulbs are in good working order and are at the right level. Make sure lights are clean at all times too so that they can be seen properly on the road.

Keep It Clean

Just as it is important to keep your lights clean, it is important to keep the rest of your motorbike clean too as part of its maintenance. Cleaning your bike frequently helps protect the paint and helps keep it in good working condition. Salt from the roads can corrode your bike in many places, so if you are riding on a lot of salted roads during winter then it would be advisable to clean your bike after every ride. Don’t forget the undercarriage and wheels. After cleaning your bike, be sure to apply an anti-rust spray afterwards to the brake discs and gear pedal sprocket, as this will help create a watertight barrier and prevent corrosion.

Maintaining your bike in this way will hopefully mean less trips to the mechanic and will keep you riding your bike on the road for longer.