5 Reasons Why We Love 125’s.

Sell My 125cc

When you first start looking for a motorbike, it can be incredibly overwhelming, and you tend to get a lot of different opinions. One option you can’t overlook is the mighty 125cc. They are an incredibly versatile small-engine street bike that is economical. Whether you are just starting your motorcycle journey or are a seasoned pro, here are five reasons you need a 125cc motorbike.

1. Beginner bikes

A 125cc motorbike will forever have a special place in most riders’ hearts as it is a common first bike. If you live in the UK and are aged between 17 and 19, then you will have to start out on a 125cc motorbike. The 125cc is known by many names, such as a learner bike or A1 compatible but what it really means is that the engine has a maximum capacity of 125cc.

Once you have gotten used to being on two wheels, then it is simple to onsell your 125cc to another learner and then upgrade to a bigger bike

2. Make commuting fun again

125cc motorbikes make a great option for commuting to and from work in a city. They are very fuel-efficient thanks to their smaller engine, and while they may struggle on the open road, they shine around a city. The bikes are smaller than some of their bigger engine counterparts which makes manoeuvring them easier, and a lot of people find them more comfortable to ride too.

3. Easy to control

What a 125cc motorbike lacks in power, it more than makes up for in manoeuvrability. Having a clutch and gearbox means you have a lot more control than any automatic counterpart. This is important when riding around in the city because reaction time can be the difference between a scare and a scar. Having a bike that reacts quickly makes a lot of people feel safer on the road.

4. Variety to choose from

No one can deny that 125cc motorcycles are one of the most popular styles of bikes. This is great news because with high demand comes great supply! Whether you are after a sports bike, a cruiser, a naked bike, or something totally custom, chances are you will have a variety of 125s to choose from. The majority of motorcycle companies see the value in 125cc motorbikes and therefore have put a lot of resources into trying to create the best.

5. Very cost-effective

Motorcycle riding is an expensive hobby; from the gear to the taxes, it always seems to cost more than you expect. 125cc bikes are a great option if you are looking at sticking to a budget. They are generally at the lower end of the market to buy and also have great mileage meaning you will get more bang for your buck. Even if you are not a beginner rider, don’t overlook these bikes!

These are just a few of the reasons to consider getting yourself a 125cc motorbike. If you are looking to sell your 125cc, on the other hand, talk to one of our experts today to get the process started!

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