5 Reasons Why We Love the Yamaha MT-03

The Yamaha MT-03 followed on from the success of the rest of the MT range (Mt-07, MT-09, MT-10), all of which were incredibly popular with riders and sold well. The MT-03 was designed to take these great bikes and scale them down so that they were great rides for beginners, easy to handle, but with enough adventure to last.

This resulted in a superb lightweight naked sports bike – at least, we think so.

Simplicity for beginners

You don’t want to deal with a complicated bike when you’re just starting out and gaining experience on the roads. It’s well balanced, so there’s no worrying about manoeuvring, and it’s low weight – so when you inevitably tip it, there’s no concern getting it back up. The handling is smooth and forgiving, great for building up a beginner’s confidence. The tech display is easy to read and includes a gear position indicator – taking all the hassle and meaning the rider can just focus on the road and the ride.

Not just a beginner’s bike

After everything we’ve said about it being a great beginner’s bike, one of the things that we really love about the MT-03 is the fact that it can last with the rider as their experience increases. Yes, the engine is a little underpowered, as you would expect from a beginner’s bike, but it’s a nippy manoeuvrable bike with a lot of fun. You can throw the whole engine into a ride and really get a thrill without any concern about losing control of the bike.


The seat is incredibly comfortable and sat low enough that new riders can easily get both feet down – great for dealing with town traffic. The suspension is the same as the R3, but it’s been altered to better suit the style of the MT-03 and the type of rides it’s likely to see. Experienced riders might like to be able to adjust the forks, but beginners always love the look and solid feel of the suspension.


As mentioned above, the engine is small, at 321cc. That’s great for beginners as they will always feel in control of their rides and won’t worry about the bike getting away at low-traffic speeds. However, another reason we love this bike is that the engine gives a lot more oomph than you would reasonably expect. Plus, a great part of this bike is that instead of having a lot more power but only ever being able to use part of it – you can use all the power pretty much all the time.


Beginners never want to spend a lot on a bike – and why would you? You’re still learning the types of rides you like, and you’re likely to want to upgrade to a larger engine at some point. With the MT-03, the build quality, looks, and engine all result in a first-class bike, giving a lot of ride for the low beginner’s bike cost. You’d be hard to find better value in the same class.

Selling Your Bike

Of course, you might have loved the MT-03 just like us but that doesn’t mean you won’t want to eventually move on. Perhaps to a larger sports bike, or maybe you even fancy heading on to a cruiser as your riding style alters.

Well, you’re in luck. We are bike buyers and are happy to buy any bike that you might have for sale. No matter why you want to sell your motorcycle, get in touch with our helpful team and sell your bike today.

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