How Does Mileage Affect Your Motorbike Valuation?

When selling your motorbike, you want to get the best price possible. There are several different factors that might affect the price, but mileage is one that most people look out for first.

Mileage – What to Consider

The number of miles on a bike will vary across different manufacturers and models – what might be good on one bike might be too high on another. Generally, a sports bike might be considered high at 20,000-30,000 miles, but a cruiser could go up to 50,000 before being thought high. This is because the bikes are built for different purposes and withstand different wear levels. There is also a desired ‘sweet spot’ of mileage, too low might indicate trouble with the bike or result in poor mechanical condition or faults like rotted rubber through lack of use; too high indicates that the bike has been put through a lot of wear and tear. The mileage should also match up with the bike history, a bike with a low mileage for what has been called a commuter bike or used in daily riding will be looked at suspiciously.

Generally, potential customers look at mileage with a pinch of salt – overall, the higher the mileage, the more wear and tear on its engine and the lower your valuation; on the other hand, a bike that has a number of miles on the clock and is still going strong could come across as reliable.

What Other Factors Are Considered?

As mentioned, while a high mileage might cause a moment of pause, other factors influence the resale price. The bike’s brand, model, and maintenance history are all crucial and will determine how much of a sticking point the high mileage is. A higher mileage might be expected if a bike comes from a manufacturer known for their reliable ‘just keeps going’ type of bike. As long as the bike is in good condition with no signs of dropping or poor repairs, then it should still get a reasonable price.

Here are the other factors to consider when looking to resell:

  • Service and MOT History: This will tell the buyer that your bike is in good working condition and has been well-maintained throughout its life so far.
  • Mechanical condition: Despite the wear and tear that comes with use and age, your bike should be running in good condition. Any fault should be flagged with the potential buyer, which will likely bring down the price. However, hiding a fault is unlikely to succeed and will drive a customer away.
  • Appearance: The look of your bike is going to affect its value. Scratch marks, rust, and so on will all bring down the value of a bike, and naturally, people will look harder for faults on a bike that looks poorly treated than one that’s had touch-ups and a polish.

Premium Bikes

For high-performance superbikes, mileage is a big consideration. The allure for many fans in buying these types of bikes is the precision engineering and high-quality finishes that come with them. Superbikes are prestigious items – they’re to be looked after carefully and admired, not belted down the motorway for a daily commute. Therefore, a high mileage would dramatically bring down the price you could expect.

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