CBR650R & CB650R – What’s The Difference?


Honda is one of the go-to brands in the motorbike world – strong, reliable, but also incredibly flexible. In this blog, we’re going to look at two bikes, the Honda CBR560R and the Honda CB650R, to see which one might be best for you.


The CB650R is a sports naked style with the engine and mechanics exposed, while the CBR650R has some great bodywork. Both have the same seat height position of 805mm, but the positioning of the rider is different, and this helps give them each a distinct feel. The CB650R has an upright rider position, with tall and wide bars for a more relaxed feel. In comparison, the CBR650R pitches the rider forward, and the legs are positioned higher.

Both seats have you sitting a little lower on the bike which is great for comfort, but the choice may have to come down to your height. The positioning of the CBR650R, while giving an exciting, sporty ride, might be more uncomfortable for taller riders.


The bikes both have a fully digital display panel. This is a more information rich and yet simpler panel, it now even includes a gear position readout, something fans have been calling for.

Typical for Honda’s, the electric controls are simple. They pack a lot of punch, but there’s no unnecessary fiddling. Turning on traction control is just a flick of a switch.


The bikes have the revised 649cc in-line four heart engine. Many parts of this engine have been made lighter, leading to a nippier feel and easier control of the bike overall. The intake has also been improved, meaning a real burst of power from both of these bikes.


The lighter weights mean both are less hard work to handle than previous iterations, and you can focus on the fun.

The sportier positioning of the rider in the CBR650R means you can lean hard into corners and push that power when coming back out. Meanwhile, the CB650R has all the improvements that the CBR650R benefits from, with superb handling and suspension that has just the right level of stiffness to handle the corners with ease, meaning there’s no need to nurse the bike over rougher bits of road.

Choosing A Bike

They have many similar features, meaning you do not have to sacrifice quality when choosing. The main difference comes from the style of ride you want!

Honda’s updates to the CB650R give you a great, well-behaved bike at lower revs but a monster when you want that power. It has a lot of agility to go with the speed, so it works well in urban areas. The CBR650R is the racer sports bike with the power, the manoeuvrability, and that real punch of adrenalin when you want it. If your motorcycle is purely for fun, try the CBR650R; if you need it to be a bit more flexible, try the CB650R.

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